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📆 13th June, 2024 - 14:00 (CET)


Knowledge Management Meets Generative AI: Reimagining Work in Semiconductors with KNOWRON

Generative AI is a hot topic in boardrooms, with 96% of leaders engaging in discussions about its potential and
83% of organizations recognizing the relevance of this technology to enhance their knowledge management

Capgemini Research Insitute, 2023).
In the manufacturing sector, a common challenge arises from the significant dependence on machine fleets to
meet production objectives. Instances of unexpected machine breakdowns not only disrupt production but also

engender substantial financial losses and pose risks to the company's reputation.

Conventional reactive approaches often prove inadequate in such circumstances, resulting in extended

downtimes and escalating maintenance costs.

By harnessing the power of AI, virtual assistants empower companies to shift from reactive to proactive

maintenance strategies, ensuring immediate and continuous access to organizational knowledge.

What makes this webinar unique?

You'll see four practical examples of how AI improves tasks in real time, provides instant access to documents,

and simplifies reporting. We will demonstrate our AI-based digital assistant in action, supported by the insights

from a seasoned user:
Jim Leather, Head of IoT Solutions from our main partner, ASMPT SMT solutions.
Key topics covered

◾ Understanding the current and future landscape of Generative AI in technical operational services.
Gaining valuable insights from real-world deployment experiences, encompassing both successes and


Recognizing why the present moment is optimal for implementing AI in technical service.

Exploring the vast potential of artificial intelligence in after-sales support.

Delving into how AI assistants serve as a pivotal tool for service technicians, enabling them to make

informed, data-driven decisions and streamline maintenance processes.
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