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AI in service, maintenance and production: machine maintenance redefined by KNOWRON

About the webinar

"Integrating AI into the technical service and maintenance of machines is a crucial step to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs, especially in an increasingly digitalized and connected industry," says Jean-Pascal Tricoire, CEO of Schneider Electric.

The greatest expectation in technical service is that the machine runs correctly. The moment this is no longer the case, it costs the company money or, in the worst case, its reputation. But how can this be avoided when the manufacturing industry in particular is facing a shortage of skilled workers and a loss of knowledge like no other?

AI-based assistants for the technical service and maintenance of machines enable companies to switch from a reactive to a predictive approach, which not only reduces operating costs, but also extends the service life of the equipment.

In the webinar, KNOWRON co-founder and CEO talks about the benefits and risks of artificial intelligence and shows use cases of AI in service & maintenance of machinery and equipment.

What you will learn

The benefits and risks of artificial intelligence

Why now is exactly the right time to implement AI in technical service

AI assistants as a lever for the service technician

Potentials of artificial intelligence in after sales 


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Speaker: Fabian Pelzl, Co-Founder and CEO of KNOWRON

With his research at Stanford in the field of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and personal assistants and a Master's degree in Human Factors Engineering from the TU München, Fabian Pelzl is an expert in this field. He is currently applying his expertise with KNOWRON in the industry to alleviate the problem of the shortage of skilled workers in Germany and globally.


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